Conflict of Interest Features

Manage questions

Set up your disclosure form, setup follow-up questions to be asked based on responses, provide help-text and perspective for what is expected.

Send out reminders

Auto-remind when disclosures are due, or set up triggers based on activity in other Mentis apps or external systems.

Recertify frequently

Don’t wait for the disclosure to expire. Actively ask your faculty to recertify their disclosure with each proposal they submit. Track disclosure status alongside their proposal review to never let them default.

Online review process

Setup a review committee and conduct review of any potential conflicts of interest online. Document all information within a single system and communicate with faculty directly from within the system.

Maintain management plans

If a conflict exists, document the management plan within the system and set up reminders to review the plan based on time elapsed or other internal or external triggers.

Conflict of Interest Plans & Pricing


A free plan to get you started with the Profiles App


  • Not available under this plan


A scalable solution with custom domain and shared support services

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  • Custom Domain
  • Service Desk
  • Full-featured Reports


Works best with multiple apps and provides dedicated server and premium support

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  • All features of Plus plan plus
  • Dedicated Server
  • Named Support
  • Support for in-house database