Brainvire Acquires Inknowledge Inc.

Brainvire Acquires Inknowledge Inc.

A Pioneering Company with Innovative Tools for Education Industry. Brainvire, a major player in digital transformation across every diversified vertical, marks a substantial expansion by acquiring an avant-garde platform.

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Get a comprehensive review of research, teaching and service portfolio of your faculty and the rest of your campus. Improve transparency of your faculty’s performance and increase your return on investment.

Faculty Awards

Identify accolades and prestigious awards, set standards for institutional excellence and recognize accomplishments of your faculty.

Faculty Productivity

Streamline tenure and promotion, annual reviews, and performance evaluations. Set and automate committees and the review process. Establish consistent evaluation standards while letting each disciple set the goals for evaluating teaching, research/scholarly activity and service activities of their faculty.

E-Learning Compliance

Stay on top of the approval status and expenditures incurred for the state authorization process of your distance learning programs.

Internal Competitions

Develop targeted internal or inter-institutional funding programs to incentivize new and existing faculty, set up committees to evaluate their proposals and increase transparency, all while making the process a whole lot easy to manage.

Community Service Learning

Capture broader, more deeper information for the service component of the faculty productivity and tie it in to their profiles and evaluation process. Advertise and market the service impact of your insitutiton.

Grant Management

Track proposal and award activity by college, school, department or a specific faculty. Stay updated about research activity of your faculty.

Conflict of Interest

Review your faculty's conflict of interest with each activity and automatically stay up-to-date with any activity and changes in their disclosure.

Mentor and Track

Provide a platform for faculty to mentor their students/trainees, setup independent development plans and use a goals-based approach to monitor their progress. Project graduation rates and factors for success for strategic planning and better assist their students in achieving their career goals