ELC 2.9.7 generally available

  • POSTED ON 02 Feb 2018
Don’t let the short list of upgrades listed below fool you. They may be few in number but they pack plenty.
  • Allow everyone to see documents associated with programs
  • Allow documents to be added to courses under a program and allow users to see all documents for the course at a single location
  • Update Admin Import tool to import Class, Term and StudentInfo data
  • Add warning text on import page to show that bulk imports are restricted to 250 records
  • State Activity report now shows student enrollment and employment numbers in the state
    Granular Permissions for  (https://inknowledge.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MEN/pages/91127811/ELC+Changes+to+Roles+for+MiamiOH?moved=true)
  • Student Enrollment Import Bug Fixes
  • Fix Logo to avoid overlap on sidebar

These updates apply to all of you that are on *.mentisonline.com or your own customized domain (mentis.*.edu). We have a similar update coming to all of you on inknowledge.net which will include backup services.