Mentis 2.8.0

  • POSTED ON 26 Apr 2017

This version has been in the making for some time now as we have been secretly testing some improvements with a limited customer base. We are happy to report that 2.8.0 is finally out of beta and there are a number of changes to be excited about!

ELC: Agency Database Updates

Another 114 agencies are now available in Mentis. These include Secretary of States and a number of additional Nursing Boards. We have also added the phone number for a number of these agencies. As always, we will continue to keep this data up-to-date for you and even more updates will be made available within a few days.

ELC: Student Enrollment

If you have not already worked with us on integrating your SIS with Mentis, we highly recommend using this feature. While SIS integration has been available in Mentis for some time, this update brings to you a new way to query your enrollment data. You can now not only filter your data but run sophisticated queries for more granular filtering.

Student Enrollment Report: Query Builder

ELC: Notes

You can now add detailed notes, and upload files with them (optional), in Mentis. The notes feature is currently available for Programs, Employment Monitoring, and State Agencies. If you already had notes in State Agencies, those will now appear with the title Note and you can edit and even upload files to them. To learn more about How to Add Notes visit our help center.

ELC: Employment Coordinator Role

A new role of employment coordinator is now available in Mentis. If you are the Org Admin for Mentis for your organization, you can assign users to this role and let them have access to the Employment Footprint Monitoring page in Mentis.

ELC: Beta Dashboard Color coded Map

The color-coded map on the ELC Beta Dashboard had only 5 intervals for visualizing your authorization status across states. These have now been expanded to 8 intervals to provide more granularity in the visualization so that you can understand better what lies, for example, between 51% and 99%!

Built-in Contextual Help

You can now access Help from right within Mentis. We have made it even easier for you by providing contextual help based on where you are. Open the Help widget on any page, and find the top articles that may be related to that page right at your fingertips. Click here to learn more about this feature.


Major Bugs Squashed

  • ELC: Physical Presence Map for adding physical presence types for your programs sometimes required multiple attempts to load properly. This has now been fixed.
  • Profile: An issue with lifetime awards and how they were presented on the screen has been fixed for the Awards section of Profiles.
  • A few security enhancements were made to tighten the security in Mentis and to stay on top of the latest security advisories.