Expansion – Mentis 2.7.0

We are pleased to announce yet another smashing upgrade for all of you. Here are some things to look forward to from this release:

Agency Database Updates

230 agencies and their contact information was automatically updated for you and another new 50 agencies for teacher education professional licensure were added.

Program Tags

You can now tag your programs with various customizable tags. We have designed this feature based on popular demand. It provides you a way to notate programs when certain physical presence information is not yet available. You can then use these tags to drill-down reports and identify programs that be potential for physical presence.

Screenshot displaying how tags can be added and removed from a program

Tag management for Programs


Tip: While the tags displayed in the screenshot above are synonymous with physical presence types, program tags are versatile to meet your other tracking requirements. 


Click here to learn more about this feature in our help center.

Employment Footprint Monitoring

We just expanded our ELC app to include employment footprint monitoring. This addition lets you monitor your employment footprint in other states and maintain information about job title, travel, workers compensation, telecommuting agreements and legal notices all at a single location. The built in report, let’s you drill-down your data to identify employee records that you may need to take an action on.

Screenshot displaying a single employee record that is being tracked in ELC

Employee records


Click here to learn more about this feature in our help center.

Other important updates

  • Online Programs are now called Programs to better reflect the range of programs that are being tracked by all of our users
  • Audit trail report now includes the full raw details of the change and sorts the data by date.
  • Color scheme for main authorization progress report on ELC Dashboard (Labs) now uses different color legends to help you better differentiate across states that need closer monitoring.
  • Expense widget now links to the full expense report for better browsing experience


Major Bugs squashed

  • Concentrations, when added to programs, are now correctly displayed under Reports
  • Some report filters that were not usable earlier have now been fixed
  • Null values in reports are now replaced with blanks for better readability
  • Only most recently updated agencies are now displayed in your state wise agency widget
  • Some reports that have large datasets now offer pagination to allow you to scroll to the other pages of the report

We hope that all of these updates help you in simplifying our organization’s management even further. We always value or feedback so please do get in touch by sending us an email at support@inknowledge.com if there is anything we can do for you.

Cheers to a great 2016 and a promising 2017!