Interactive Visual Dashboards, Google Authentication support and more in Mentis 2.2.0

  • POSTED ON 03 Feb 2016

Good things come in small packages, just like this update! We are excited to finally make available the new interactive ELC dashboard available as a Labs feature in this update. Here is a complete list of everything you can benefit from in this update:

Google Authentication

We already support LDAP, ADFS and Shibboleth for authentication, but can now also accept Google’s Authentication. So, if you are a Google Apps user, you can start using the system without any additional configuration requirements immediately.


Labs has been launched to allow us to bring you all the latest and greatest ideas in Mentis at a fast pace. Once the idea is solidified in Labs,  it would be added as a standard feature in subsequent upgrades. Watch out for the keyword Labs in the sidebar to try out any Lab feature.

E-Learning Compliance App (ELC)

ELC Dashboard (Labs)

The ELC Dashboard showcased at the WCET 2015 Annual Conference, is now released under Labs for all of you to try. This dashboard allows you to see a birds-eye-view of your state authorization progress at a glance and allows you to interactively derive insights using fast and rich visual analytics. This is just the beginning of a complete gallery of interactive visualizations that we have planned for ELC.

Tracking Student Enrollment Numbers

You can now enter student enrollment numbers for each state and program offering by semester. Enrollment can be added as a total number for the state and/or by concentration. Stay tuned on how this information will be used in reporting and for decision making in our upcoming update.

Other Bug Fixes

  • ELC: Improved error handling when required data is missing
  • Reports: The system gracefully handles when there is no data or less data available for any particular report