Faculty Productivity

Faculty Productivity Management Features

Auto-populate annual data

Don’t wait for review process. Update your profile frequently and just pull into your dossier when needed. The app also integrates with other campus systems to reduce the data population burden.

Customized workflows

Setup different workflows for different schools/colleges to fit their unique business requirements.

Tiered reviews

Set committees at any unit level to help a chair or dean in the evaluation process. Review deadlines can help make sure progress is made and there are no bottlenecks.

Standardize evaluation criteria

Let each college or school set their own productivity templates while standardizing the evaluation criteria to add consistency and transparency in your evaluation process.

Integrated apps

Integrate with other apps in Mentis or existing applications in Mentis to push/pull data to improve consistency of data, and eliminate repeated request for the same information from faculty.

Reports & Analytics

Complete accreditation reports, run analytics and draw insights from all the data that is already vetted through an evaluation process.

Faculty Productivity Plans & Pricing


A free plan to get you started with the Profiles App


  • Not available under this plan


A scalable solution with custom domain and shared support services

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  • Custom Domain
  • Service Desk
  • Full-featured Reports


Works best with multiple apps and provides dedicated server and premium support

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  • All features of Plus plan plus
  • Dedicated Server
  • Named Support
  • Support for in-house database