Community Service Learning Features

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Track Participation

Track number or students and their hours over time across all your community service projects. Modify your participation survey to include additional data points and always have the most accurate information about your civic engagement at your fingertips.

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Tag Individuals

Give credit to one or more key individuals (both faculty and staff) on the project. Tagging people not only allows individuals to be listed on your project but also allows them to import the projects onto their profiles reducing duplicate data entry.

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Link Community Partners

Allow your users to link one or more community partner to each project and know exactly what partnerships are building around you.

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Run reports on all data captured in the system and export it out for sharing if required. CSL also lets you directly export participation survey and effectiveness metrics data over a period of time for submission to the President’s Community Service Honor Roll.

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Fully Customizable

Administrative options, complete access to the entire source code and granular level control of the data makes the system fully customizable and adaptable to your unique requirements.

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Integrated Apps

Leverage your investment in Mentis by getting other apps or creating your own apps. All apps in Mentis also interact with each other, and with other third-party systems, via services. Data generated in one app can be easily consumed by the other thereby reducing data redundancy and improving the overall integrity of data.

More features

  • Associate Courses
  • Export Reports to Excel
  • Estimate Reporting
  • Tiered Effectiveness Metrics
  • Rich-Text Descriptions
  • Auto-complete in forms
  • Audit Trails & Activity Log
  • Robust Inter-app communication
  • Granular level access control
  • Managed vocabularies and lists
  • Help Screencasts
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • LDAP Integration
  • Full-featured Reports*


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Strengthen Partnerships

Identify, strengthen, and create collaborative community partnerships that advance your university’s mission.

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Measure Impact

Why wait for the end of the year to update your CV with your latest accomplishments. Profiles and its tools allow for Information to be updated as it happens.

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Identify Key Issues

Use keywords assigned to projects to identify issues that are critical to the success of your organization and the community you belong to. Strategic issues can be addressed and used to build a foundation for future and forward-thinking strategies that can help your organization seize current opportunities.

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Increase Awareness

Disseminate information about your community projects to both internal and external stakeholders. At most organizations information about such projects generally resides with one department collecting this data, or within the heads of your faculty conducting these projects. The system allows your organization to share the information via individual profiles, reports or special purpose websites not only within the organization but throughout your community and move a little closer to your goal of social change.

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Promote data re-use

Most importantly, faculty will never have to provide the same information twice. Information once in the system can be used by the public, by collaborators, by faculty’s managing units or by the university administration in a number of ways - all without inundating the faculty with additional requests for information. Faculty can include information into their annual reviews and directly receive feedback from review committees on their community projects.

Community Service Learning Plans & Pricing


A free plan to get you started with the Profiles App


  • Not available under this plan


A scalable solution with custom domain and shared support services

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  • Custom Domain
  • Service Desk
  • Full-featured Reports


Works best with multiple apps and provides dedicated server and premium support

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  • All features of Plus plan plus
  • Dedicated Server
  • Named Support
  • Support for in-house database