A Comprehensive Guide on University Management System

Guide on University Management System

Remember the traditional university offices with heaps of papers and files lined up to create a huge pile? Well, those days are gone with the transformation of technology. Today in this digital-first era the entire educational system and management have transcended. One of the precursors that have played a vital role in initiating this pivotal change is the University Management System.

Defining the University Management System

A University Management System is a comprehensive software tool specifically created and designed to satisfy the requisites of colleges and universities, thereby streamlining and automating the tasks. The University Management System can be implemented in any university or educational institution, irrespective of their structure and size. Over the years, it has become an imperative software tool for seamlessly running of all university operations with ease.

Any University or College includes an array of departments carrying a wide set of responsibilities. The University Management System is a dedicated software that allows the universities to record their workflow in real-time. It also offers a platform with a user-friendly interface. The UMS is more than a handy tool that mitigates the pressure off the university staff members.

The Various Apps of University Management System

Here at Inknowledge, we have five different applications that would probably fit the requirements of the provost, the faculty and dean, researchers, and those involved in distance learning education. The applications include-

  1. Profile Management System
  2. E-Learning Compliance
  3. Grant Management System
  4. Mentor Track
  5. Conflict of Interests

The Profile Management System

This is one specifically designed platform for the professors and teaching staff where they can add their assets and resources highlighting the areas specialization. It would showcase their special achievements and awards. This will help the university in recruiting the right faculty member for the particular course as well as assist the students to find the best professor for the subject.

The reports in the Mentis are accessible through a dashboard-style so that the users can get specific information when needed. One of the benefits of publishing your data on Mentis that there is no risk of losing it.

E-Learning Compliance

The E-Compliance is one of the boosting management tools that comprehensively caters to the needs of state authorization process hassle-free. With this tool, you can easily keep a record of the number of programs running in a particular state. In addition, the ELC is also effective for the maintenance of online portfolios, and keep track of expenses. Its other functions include managing the notes and professional license requirement, employee files and call logs. It can efficiently deal with all state authorization process needs. Apart from that, it also helps the students in finding their enrollment numbers for programs run across the various states. You don’t need to update your website manually as it offers pre-built and customizable features to automatically upgrade the site.

Grant Management System

This application of Mentis literally focuses on keeping a track record of the proposal and award activities by the universities and educational institutions. As such, the concerned faculty can submit their pre-proposal certificate, which is then approved by the respective HOD. Other than that it manages the policies and processes, enhancing performance productivity. The faculty reports the award activity, which is then verified on a personal note by the sponsored offices. The other features involve accessibility to online forms, utilizing the benefits of an elongated budget builder and automate the business process via improving the compliance both on an internal and external process.

Mentor Track

As the name suggests, this is an optimal platform where both the faculty as well as the students come on one dais and the teaching staff can hold discussions with their students regarding their careers and goals. The students can create their own deployment plans and receive useful guidance from the faculty members. It also allows the students to set their goals for a fresh year and review their accomplishments and achievements for the previous year. The students can submit their achievements in the form of research papers, documents, and published items that can be viewed online. The teachers can customize or add new goals according to the standards of the students.

Conflict of Interests

The Conflict of Interests especially deals with the disclosure forms and setting up of questions to be asked and offer the help-texts based on the expectations. You also get an auto-reminder from the app in case your disclosure or license is on the verge of getting expired and needs to be renewed. The university can also establish a review committee to tackle the conflicts of interests online. In case of a conflict, it has to build a specific management plan within the system and develop a reminder to review the plan.  

Reasons Why University Management System is a Worthy Asset  

1. Customizable

The foremost aspect that you have to entail is the degree of customization offered. Configuring the UMS isn’t a tough job but it must be ensured that the software is efficient enough to incorporate all functions to a single platform. In case, the university has several campuses, the software should provide a single solution for all. You need to also understand the competence level of the software and its adaptability.

2. Offering More Transparency

The UMS  helps in bringing more transparency into the working system of the university. Often in the traditional methodology, the students had grievances against the preparation of the results. Now, with the advent of a capable University Management System and ERP, the examination controlling department will conduct minimal or no error while setting the question paper and thereafter preparing the results. It incorporates more honesty and clarity into the system.  

3. Generates More Accountability

If you are running the University Management System, you can expect to enhance the overall performance of the university and generate more accountability. It will help you in managing everything right from maintaining the accounts and finance to implementing the IT-related strategies as well as managing the records of the students, faculty and other staff members. The UMS generates the report in real-time with accurate data and numbers.

4. Curtailing the Expenditure Cost

The University Management System can prove to be a great asset if you are looking to curtail the expenditure of managing the university functions. One of the visible cited examples is a reduction in the paperwork process since everything is computerized. This further increases the level of productivity.

5. Empowering the Students

One of the major reasons why UMS has become a popular software for the proper management of the university or the educational institution is because it is empowering the students and helping to improve their relationship with the faculty and other members. The students can clear their doubts on any topic in real-time and make use of advanced technologies such as payment gateway for paying fees and biometric for registering their attendance. Moreover, they can also get aware of the happenings at the college campus such as events and examinations; all at one place.

In addition, the students can also enroll for a specific course without any hassle along with searching for a course of their choice.

You need to note that the selection of a cloud database plays a crucial role in storing the important data of the University. Here at Inknowledge, we offer Mentis, which is robust cloud-based software that not only stores your vital data but also safeguards it.


At a time when the learning system has already got digitized and the teaching methods have become modernized, it’s an appropriate time for the universities and educational institutions to become smarter and adopt the University Management System with the five pragmatic assets. This technology is not merely a luxury but the demand of the hour.

Inknowledge offers a wide spectrum of web-related applications and integrated web services that include UMS at cost-effective prices. 

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