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Track State Authorizations

Let your program coordinators and data managers update the authorization status of your online programs and activities.

Keep your documents in a single place

Upload all relevant documentation against each state authorization and share information within your office

Categorize and add expenses

Track expenses incurred against application fees, compliance costs, renewals or create your own categories.

Run real-time visual reports

Use self-service, visual, drill-down reports and dashboards to let your administration stay on top of all authorization activity.

Publish approval status online

Use a ready-made public portal to let students and visitors explore availability of programs in their state or integrate the information with your existing website.

Managed agency information

Let us keep information for all state agencies, relevant licensing boards, SARA organizations up-to-date for you.

Plans & Pricing


A flexible plan to get you started

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  • Secure Server
  • Import Tools
  • Data Backups
  • Full-featured Reports


A scalable solution with custom domain and shared support services

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  • All features of Starter plan plus
  • Custom Domain
  • Service Desk


Works best with multiple apps and provides dedicated server and premium support

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  • All features of Plus plan plus
  • Dedicated Server
  • Named Support
  • Support for in-house database


How do I initially populate the system?
All of our plans come with sophisticated import tools that allow you to easily populate the data using simple excel file templates. ELC, as a paid app, includes the exclusive Service Desk for your use. Just email the service desk your existing data in whatever format you currently use and we can have it added to your system in no time.
What do you mean by managed agency information?
You have to work with multiple agencies within and across states. Inknowledge removes the hassle of maintaining the contact details (physical address, website, regulation links, contact person etc.) for all these state agencies, licensing boards and other organizations by keeping a regularly updated centralized database of them for all our customers. You can then maintain your own specific notes for each contact. If you find anything missing, you can suggest it through the system or email us and we will have it updated for everyone's use.
Does this system notify me of important events like state authorization renewals?
Yes. ELC's dashboard presents both a running list of configurable to-dos and updates. These contain items requiring your immediate attention such as approaching renewal dates, verification of new data, and other useful notifications.
Can I delegate responsibilities to specific program coordinators and/or program assistants?
Yes. System Admin, ELC admin, Program Coordinator and Program Assistant are few roles that are already pre-configured for your use in ELC. ELC benefits from being a part of the Mentis framework and can leverage its robust roles and privileges system. This means that you can easily request for new custom roles to be configured for your use and then assign individuals to those roles yourself.
How do I publish the authorization status of my online programs for viewing by students or other visitors of my university website?
ELC comes bundled with a public facing website called Explore. It automatically publishes authorization status and other relevant information about all your online programs for viewing in a browsable and searchable format. Users can explore your authorized programs using an interactive map or filter your offerings by type of program. The information can also easily be integrated with your existing distance education website.
What do I get with standard Profiles?
The Profiles app is available in the standard edition with ELC at no additional cost. This includes limited profiles that can be used to showcase your distance education faculty information. For more information on the Profiles app, please visit the Profiles app page.
I am an existing customer of Mentis, how do I add ELC to my subscription?
Adding ELC to your existing Mentis subscription is very simple. Just drop a mail to us at and we will guide you through the process.
Is there way for me to try before I buy?
Currently there is no free/starter plan for ELC. However, we will be more than happy to setup a sandbox for you to try . Please contact us or drop in a line at to request a sandbox or setup a demo.