Organize information on all your expertise, assets and resources and allow individuals to find each other and solve problems together.

Community Service Learning

Let your faculty and staff submit community service and service learning projects with reportable participation and metric data.

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Annual Review

Conduct your faculty’s annual merit reviews with ease.

Internal Funding Opps

Publish your internal funding opportunities, accept proposals, and conduct tiered, multi-stage reviews.

Curriculum Management

Take your course and catalog change process electronic.

Grant Management

Manage your Pre-award internal proposal review process

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Under the hood, we’ve covered all bases.

Ships with Source

Mentis ships with source which means the sky is the limit. Own the system and customize it or let it grow with your organization.

Focus on the user

Everything in the system is done with the singular purpose of saving users time and providing a brilliant user experience.

Plug & Play Apps

Modular apps make installing new apps super easy and advanced tools make configuration and interoperability a breeze. Select from a list of apps or get a new one.

Reusable Components

Enterprise grade framework and a Mentis library combine to provide all possible functionality under the sun.

Dashboard style To-dos & Updates

Get to what is waiting on you faster with the help of a consolidated to-do list.




Pay us once for an app and use it for life. You just don’t get an app but you get a toolset that you can use to customize and/or build new apps for your needs. You are free to make any changes you need but if you need our help we are a quick call away.

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